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If you are looking for a quick fix or want to refresh your English, you can improve your English exactly where you need to with our busines workshops – small talk, presentations or negotiations. You name it we've got it! 

We solve language issues and build your speaking competencies!

Our most popular business workshops:

Talk like a native

Small talk


Job interview

Online meetings

Negotiation and conflict management

Grammar lab Vol I
and Vol II

Creative writing

Email and business communication

LinkedIn networking

Customer value journey

Business storytelling



2 hours online or F2F

Groups of up to 8 participants

Workshop price: 371,62 Euro  (2800 kn) /group


4 hours online or F2F

Groups of up to 8 participants

Workshop price:  39,82 Euro  (300kn) per employee


All day online or F2F

Groups of up to 16 participants

Workshop price:  53,09€ (400kn) per employee

Enrichen your learning experience with our team building packets in English.

Hike & talk

Half-day hike
4 hours – 39,82 Euro (300kn) per employee 

Full-day hike
8 hours – 59,72 Euro (450kn) per employee

Sail experience

Full day of sailing
team building in English

3 days of sailing
team building in English

7 days of sailing
team building in English

Tenis & convo

Individualni tenis & convo
33,18 Euro (250kn) per employee

Double tenis & convo
19,91 Euro (150kn) per employee

Team building tenis & convo
15,93 Euro (120kn) per employee / 6 ppl max

Full-day workshops for an active day in nature. Choose top-quality CLIL workshops for strengthening your confidence in English, and we will custom-make them to suit your needs

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“Learning another language is like becoming another person.”

Haruki Murakami